Medical Support​

Medical Support​

Federal and state laws require that every support case include medical support. Medical support is health insurance coverage and unreimbursed medical expenses.

When a support conference is held in the Domestic Relations, the issue of health insurance coverage will be discussed. The conference officer will review the availability, cost and accessibility of coverage with the parties. The non-custodial parent (the defendant) bears the initial responsibility of providing health care coverage for the children if it is available at a reasonable cost. Coverage is considered reasonable if the cost is less than 5% of the party's net monthly income and when added to the amount of basic child support plaintiff additional expenses, does not exceed 50% of the party's net monthly income.

It is helpful to bring all information regarding current or available health insurance coverage to and establishment-related support conference. If coverage is not in place, information on what policies are available and the costs associated with the coverage should be supplied. The information should show the cost for individual coverage and the cost for adding any and all dependents. If there is health care coverage in place for the dependents, the party should supply copies of the cards and the information on the individual and dependent cost when appearing for the conference. When an order is entered, either or both parties will be ordered to provide health insurance coverage.

The court order will also include a provision for how the parties are to share any unreimbursed medical expenses. Unreimbursed medical expenses include uncovered costs for:

  • co-pay and deductibles
  • surgical
  • dental
  • optical & ophthalmology services
  • orthodontics
  • prescriptions

Medical Assistance (ACCESS, Mercy) or their state-funded coverage is NOT considered private medical insurance coverage. Private health insurance coverage will still be ordered and pursued.

Anytime there is a change to the private health insurance coverage in place, the party who is the policy holder is required to advise the Domestic Relations Section, and the other party, of all changes.

Please click on the link below to read additional information regarding medical support and collection of unreimbursed medical expenses incurred.

Medical Support Pamphlet