Failed To File

Failed To File

Candidates for public office, candidate committees, and committees that expend money to influence an election are required to file campaign finance reports or statements by the deadlines provided in §1626.

A late filing fee for each campaign finance report or statement which is not filed within the prescribed period shall be imposed. Overdue reports or statements will be received, but not considered filed if there are related unpaid late fees.

The list below contains candidates and committees who have outstanding campaign finance reports or campaign finance statements and/or late fees related to those reports or statements.  Be advised that the Election Services office does not have the authority to waive filing fees.  

2018 Annual Campaign Finance Report

  • Friends for Vaughn Spencer

2023 2nd Friday Pre-Primary


Friends of Rafael Nunez, Carlos Rivera (Treasurer)


Brian R. Simmon

David W. Pool

Mark Detterline

Rafael Nunez

2019 Annual Campaign Finance Report

  • Reading Voters Alliance, Vincent M. Rosato (Treasurer)

2021 2nd Friday Pre-Election Report

  • Nicole Zelcs

2021 Annual Report

  • Reading Voters Alliance, Vincent Rosato (Treasurer)

No person shall be deemed elected to a public office until all of the campaign finance reports and statements required to be filed have been filed.