Sample Ballots

Sample Ballots

2023 Municipal Election Ballots   (Papeletas de la Ciudad / Condado 2023)

Sample ballots for the 2023 Municipal Election can be viewed below, by precinct.  Click here to find your precinct based on your home address. 

Ballots for the City of Reading include a referendum question related to a potential amendment to the Home Rule Charter.  More information about the question and a simple explanation can be found here.

All ballots include a second page for judge retentions. There are two PA Superior Judges and two Berks County Court of Common Pleas judges up for retention.  



Albany Twp
Alsace Twp - 1st Precinct
Alsace Twp - 2nd Precinct
Lower Alsace Twp - 1st Precinct
Lower Alsace Twp - 2nd Precinct
Amity Twp - 1st Precinct
Amity Twp - 2nd Precinct
Amity Twp - 3rd Precinct
Amity Twp - 4th Precinct
Amity Twp - 5th Precinct
Amity Twp - 6th Precinct
Bally Boro
Bechtelsville Boro
Bern Twp - 1st Precinct
Bern Twp - 2nd Precinct
Bern Twp - 3rd Precinct
Upper Bern Twp
Bernville Boro
Bethel Twp
Birdsboro Boro - 1st Precinct
Birdsboro Boro - 2nd Precinct
Boyertown Boro - 1st Precinct
Boyertown Boro - 2nd Precinct
Brecknock Twp - 1st Precinct
Brecknock Twp - 2nd Precinct
Caernarvon Twp - 1st Precinct
Caernarvon Twp - 2nd Precinct
Centre Twp - 1st Precinct
Centre Twp - 2nd Precinct
Centerport Boro
Colebrookdale Twp - 1st Precinct
Colebrookdale Twp - 2nd Precinct
Cumru Twp - 1st Precinct
Cumru Twp - 2nd Precinct
Cumru Twp - 3rd Precinct
Cumru Twp - 4th Precinct
Cumru Twp - 5th Precinct
Cumru Twp - 6th Precinct
Cumru Twp - 7th Precinct
District Twp
Douglass Twp - 1st Precinct
Douglass Twp - 2nd Precinct
Earl Twp - 1st Precinct
Earl Twp - 2nd Precinct
Exeter Twp - 1st Precinct
Exeter Twp - 2nd Precinct
Exeter Twp - 3rd Precinct
Exeter Twp - 4th Precinct
Exeter Twp - 5th Precinct
Exeter Twp - 6th Precinct
Exeter Twp - 7th Precinct
Exeter Twp - 8th Precinct
Exeter Twp - 9th Precinct
Exeter Twp - 10th Precinct 
Exeter Twp -11th Precinct
Fleetwood Boro - 1st Precinct
Fleetwood Boro - 2nd Precinct
Greenwich Twp - 1st Precinct
Greenwich Twp - 2nd Precinct
Hamburg Boro - 1st Precinct
Hamburg Boro - 2nd Precinct
Heidelberg Twp
Lower Heidelberg Twp - 1st Precinct
Lower Heidelberg Twp - 2nd Precinct
Lower Heidelberg Twp - 3rd Precinct
North Heidelberg Twp
South Heidelberg Twp - 1st Precinct
South Heidelberg Twp - 2nd Precinct
South Heidelberg Twp - 3rd Precinct
Hereford Twp - 1st Precinct
Hereford Twp - 2nd Precinct
Jefferson Twp
Kenhorst Boro - 1st Precinct
Kenhorst Boro - 2nd Precinct
Kutztown Boro - 1st Ward
Kutztown Boro - 2nd Ward
Laureldale Boro - 1st Precinct
Laureldale Boro - 2nd Precinct
Leesport Boro
Lenhartsville Boro
Longswamp Twp - 1st Precinct
Longswamp Twp - 2nd Precinct
Lyons Boro
Maidencreek Twp - 1st Precinct
Maidencreek Twp - 2nd Precinct
Maidencreek Twp - 3rd Precinct
Maidencreek Twp - 4th Precinct
Marion Twp
Maxatawny Twp - 1st Precinct
Maxatawny Twp - 2nd Precinct
Maxatawny Twp - 3rd Precinct
Mt Penn Boro
Mohnton Boro
Muhlenberg Twp - 1st Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 2nd Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 3rd Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 4th Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 5th Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 6th Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 7th Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 8th Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 9th Precinct
Muhlenberg Twp - 10th Precinct
New Morgan Boro
Oley Twp - 1st Precinct
Oley Twp - 2nd Precinct
Ontelaunee Twp
Penn Twp
Perry Twp 
Pike Twp
Richmond Twp
Robeson Twp - 1st Precinct
Robeson Twp - 2nd Precinct
Robeson Twp - 3rd Precinct
Robeson Twp - 4th Precinct
Robesonia Boro
Rockland Twp - 1st Precinct
Rockland Twp - 2nd Precinct
Ruscombmanor Twp - 1st Precinct
Ruscombmanor Twp - 2nd Precinct
Shillington Boro - 1st Precinct
Shillington Boro - 2nd Precinct
Shoemakersville Boro
Sinking Spring Boro - 1st Precinct
Sinking Spring Boro - 2nd Precinct
Spring Twp - 1st Precinct
Spring Twp - 2nd Precinct
Spring Twp - 3rd Precinct
Spring Twp - 4th Precinct
Spring Twp - 5th Precinct
Spring Twp - 6th Precinct
Spring Twp - 7th Precinct
Spring Twp - 8th Precinct
Spring Twp - 9th Precinct
Spring Twp - 10th Precinct
Spring Twp - 11th Precinct
Spring Twp - 12th Precinct
Spring Twp - 13th Precinct
St Lawrence Boro
Tilden Twp
Topton Boro
Tulpehocken Twp - 1st Precinct
Tulpehocken Twp - 2nd Precinct
Upper Tulpehocken Twp
Union Twp - 1st Precinct
Union Twp - 2nd Precinct
Washington Twp - 1st Precinct
Washington Twp - 2nd Precinct
Wernersville Boro
West Reading Boro - 1st Precinct
West Reading Boro - 3rd Precinct
Windsor Twp
Womelsdorf Boro
Wyomissing Boro - 1st Precinct
Wyomissing Boro - 2nd Precinct
Wyomissing Boro - 3rd Precinct
Wyomissing Boro - 4th Precinct
Wyomissing Boro - 5th Precinct