Student Poll Worker Program

Student Poll Worker Program

The Berks County Election Board is preparing for the next election and is accepting applications for the Student Poll Worker Program. This program promotes civic awareness and educates high school students about the election process by allowing students to serve as Poll Workers on Election Day. Students will learn responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. They also have the opportunity to serve the community. 

Information / FAQs

  • Each participating school must have a teacher play the role as coordinator
  • Any High School student that meets the following requirements:
    • 17 years or older
    • A resident of Berks County
    • U.S. Citizen
    • Must be in good academic standing
    • Have teacher recommendation, Principal approval and parental consent
  • Students must obtain a signed recommendation from a teacher
  • Students must get the approval form signed by the school’s Principal
  • Students must get the parental/guardian consent form signed
  • Students must submit the completed forms to the School Coordinator before the deadline
  • Students must attend a Poll Worker Training class
  • Students must arrive at their assigned Polling Place on time and work with the Judge of Election as directed
  • Students must act in a professional manner and assist voters in the Election Process
  • Students are assigned to serve as Machine Inspectors and Clerks in the polling place on Election Day and are obligated to serve from 6:30am – 8:30pm. Students have the same responsibilities as regular poll workers, they are expected to:
    • Attend a two hour training session prior to the Election
    • Provide their own transportation to and from the polling place
    • Assist in opening and closing the polling place
    • Process voters
  • It is our desire to have students assist during the entire day. As you know, Pennsylvania Law limits the number of hours minors under the age of eighteen may work in any one day to eight hours. It is our suggestion that students be present to perform services at the poll the entire day – initially as credit for school day attendance and thereafter as a worker.
There are some areas that have a greater need for poll workers than other. As a result, the number of students placed is dependent on the needs of the surrounding community. We will do our best to keep the students within their respective school districts. We might not be able to place every student; it is our guarantee that we will do our best to place as many as possible.
All student poll workers must submit an application to the school coordinator with the teacher recommendation, principal approval and parental/guardian consent. The application can be obtained from the Berks County Election Services website or from the school coordinator at your high school.

Student Poll Worker Application
Student poll workers will be placed at a location as near to their home address as possible. Due to the strict guidelines and strategic planning that goes into poll worker placement, students must show up to their assigned location; they may not show up to a different precinct without the approval of the Election Services office.
Students who are accepted will receive a poll worker packet. The poll worker packets will be mailed directly to the school coordinator to distribute to students. The packet will include your assigned location, and the contact information of the Judge of Elections at your assigned polling place.
  • The Judge of Election will receive debit cards from the Rovers on the day of the Election, as long as you were placed in your polling place two weeks prior to Election Day. If you are placed after this deadline your debit card will be mailed out following Election Day.
  • Students will be compensated at the rate of $200.
  • The stipend for training is $30 and will be included in your pay; students will not receive the stipend for training if they do not work on Election Day. Classes are scheduled at the Agricultural Center Auditorium, 1238 County Welfare Road, Leesport, PA 19533 (Bern Township).

Pennsylvania Election Code P.S. 2672

25 P.S. 2672 of the Pennsylvania Election Code provides that:

(b) The county board may appoint students, notwithstanding their eligibility to vote, to serve as a clerk or

machine inspector pursuant to the following:

(1) The county board may appoint no more than two students per precinct

(2) The Judge of Elections shall have direct supervision of the student

(3) The county board may compensate the student

(4) The county board shall comply with all applicable Federal and State laws

(5) The student must be at the time of the election for which the student shall serve:

(i) be at least seventeen (17) years of age;

(ii) be a United States citizen and a resident of the county in which he was appointed to serve

(iii) be enrolled in a secondary educational institution with an exemplary academic record as

determined by the educational institution;

(iv) be approved by the principal or director of the secondary educational institution; and

(v) have obtained the consent of their parent or guardian.

The student may not serve as a Judge of Election, Majority or Minority Inspector.