DUS - DUI Related

DUS - DUI Related

If the defendant’s case is found to be IP eligible then an appropriate IP sentence will be worked out with the District Attorney’s office and the Adult Probation & Parole Office. The IP sentence will be based on the results of the drug/alcohol evaluation. The defendant will be advised of what IP sentence will be offered as soon as the Adult Probation & Parole Office receive the results of the drug/alcohol evaluation from the TASC Program.

All defendants who opt for IP will be placed on Intermediate Punishment for 90 days. The IP sentence will also include: 5 days in jail; 85 days of house arrest with electronic monitoring (defendant to pay up to $8 per day for EM); 16 hours of community service; and may include drug/alcohol treatment in the form of either in-patient treatment, a halfway house program, intensive out-patient treatment, and or out-patient treatment. If the defendant participates in either in-patient treatment or a halfway house program, the period of time that is served in either one of these programs will be deducted from the 85 days of EM (with a minimum period of 30 days of house arrest/electronic monitoring). The defendant will also be sentenced to pay the mandatory $500 fine.

*Effective 2/1/04 the mandatory sentence for DUS/DUI-related (1543b,1) is 60-90 days in jail and a $500 fine.


Please be advised that the following conditions must be fulfilled in order to attain acceptance into the Driving Under Suspension/DUI-Related Intermediate Punishment Program:

  1. You may not be classified by PENNDOT as a Habitual Offender.
  2. Your criminal record may not contain any First Degree Felony convictions.
  3. You may not have been sentenced to Electronic Monitoring or House Arrest on any previous criminal dockets.
  4. You must complete a DRUG AND ALCOHOL EVALUATION at TASC, and comply with all treatment recommendations.
  5. You must remit a MONEY ORDER made payable to Berks County Adult Probation in the amount of $750 for the fee associated with the electronic monitoring equipment.
  6. You must have an approved residence with working electrical service and BASIC TOUCH-Tone telephone service with no special telephone features.

Within three business days following a plea of guilty before the Magisterial District Judge, you shall contact Assistant Chief Probation Officer Jessica Bodor at 610-478-3400 x5429, e-mail: jlbodor@countyofberks.com to schedule an initial consultation to determine your eligibility, and initiate the process. You are required to bring a copy of your citation and the subpoena when you report to the Adult Probation & Parole Office.