Mail-In and Absentee Ballots

Mail-In and Absentee Ballots

Voting by Absentee or Mail-in Ballot

Applications for Absentee and Mail-in Ballots for the Nov. 7, 2023 Municipal Election MUST be received by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023. 

Voted Absentee and Mail-Ballots MUST be received by the Office of Election Services or returned to a designated drop box by 8:00 PM on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023, to be counted.

What are mail ballots?

In Pennsylvania, you now have two options for mail ballots. You may either choose a mail-in ballot or an absentee ballot to request, complete, and return to the Election Services Office

  • Absentee ballot – If you plan to be out of the municipality on election day or if you have a disability or illness, you should request this ballot type, which still requires you to list a reason for your ballot.
  • Mail-in ballot – If you are not an absentee voter, you may apply for a mail-in ballot. You may simply request this ballot without a reason.
  • If you have an emergency you may still be able to get an absentee ballot after the deadline, called an emergency absentee ballot. You can find information about how to get an emergency absentee ballot at the end of this page.

In order to request either ballot type, you must be registered to vote. 

Mail-In Ballot

Who may apply for a Mail-In ballot application?

You may apply for a Mail-in Ballot if you do not qualify for an Absentee Ballot. You must be registered to vote in order to vote by mail-in ballot.

Apply Online at 


Download and print an absentee ballot application:

Absentee Ballot

Who may apply for an Absentee Ballot application?  

  • College students who are not registered to vote at their school address
  • People whose work or vacation take them away from the municipality where they live
  • Those with a physical disability or illness that prevents them from going to the polling place
  • Members of the military
  • People who may have a conflict due to the celebration of a religious holiday
  • Inmates who haven't been convicted of a felony
  • To vote by absentee ballot you must be registered to vote

 Apply Online


Download and print an absentee ballot application:

Military and overseas voter information >

Emergency Ballot

Voters who experience an emergency situation (such as an unexpected illness or disability or last-minute absence) that occurs after the deadline to apply can request an Emergency Absentee Ballot.

The deadline to submit an Emergency Absentee Ballot Application to the Office of Election Services is 8:00 PM on Election Day.

Request to Cancel Permanent Status

If you wish to cancel your Permanent Absentee or Mail-in Status, complete the form below and mail or personally deliver it to the Office of Election Services.  Faxed or emailed forms will not be accepted. 

Request to Cancel Permanent Absentee or Mail-in Status Form